How it works

If you want to surprise someone with a gift

Choose your gift or send a custom request

The largest selection of gifts from flowers and any kind of food to perfume and jewellery.

Select delivery date and time

Our delivery courier will personally deliver your gift any time and day of the year.

Get it personally delivered

We deliver your gift personally with a message from you and send you a confirmation.

If you want to deliver gifts and earn

Upload your gifts

Sell your own products or resell a store bought gifts and items.

Set your delivery rates

Set your own delivery rates and the area you want to deliver in.

Deliver it and get paid

Deliver a gift to a recipient and get an instant payout.

Want to send a unique gift?

Show your loved ones you’re thinking of them 24/7 with a simple local flower arrangement or plan a surprise with a local Gifter to create a custom gift arrangement. It’s the ultimate way to remind them of just how special your love is and how much you care.

  • Large gift selection from simple flowers to custom items
  • 24/7 home, office or any other location delivery
  • Any present you can think of giving, we can find and deliver
  • We deliver fragile items and items not accepted by shipping companies
  • No damage from transit or package traveling
  • No overprised shipping rates of delivery companies
  • No duties, taxes and import fees

Want to join Lowingly as a Gifter?

You can grow your business or earn extra side income joining us as a Gifter. At Lowingly, you can grow faster, quicker. The best part? You will get to make people happy almost every single day and get paid for it. You don't need to create your own ecommerce website and manage payments

we take care of all the tech set up.

  • Instant access to a customer base looking for items that you carry
  • Personal contact and connection to customers
  • Sell your custom made products if you're a craftsman
  • Set your prices for products you make or resell
  • Set your delivery rates